Muziq Arias Story

I was at my wit’s end in attempting to find appropriate services for my daughter, who had been diagnosed with an intellectual impairment and a sensory processing disorder.  Kathy engaged her referral/provider network and as a result of the SIERF contact network, for the very first time, I was able to obtain treatment that addressed her issues as well as additional referrals for my daughter. No other services, whether medical or school based, had provided me with information that was directed at making a difference in how my daughter functioned. If it weren’t for my luck, finding SIERF and Kathy at a community event, my daughter would not have made the progress I have seen and I wouldn’t be nearly as well educated about her issues.

Lisa Mitchell Story

Lisa Mitchell wrote the following: OMG!!! What a wonderful surprise! The bedding is needed and this is RIGHT ON TIME! I needed this encouragement this morning. Last week was a little rough for my son with school . . . but we are working through that too. Thank you Ms. Sutton for all you do for our children.