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Parent/Caregiver Awareness

The sound of cars going by, the bright lights of a store, the feel of a new shirt, a crunchy new food.  And the list goes on and on.

I am sure that those reading these random things will already know them as potential triggers to the sensory system of a person they know.  Sometimes that person is their child, other times it is a family member. I wanted to write about Sensory Processing Disorder "SPD" as it is something that all those on the spectrum will show signs of.  Sometimes severely other times mildly

Mental Health

I am sure we have all felt it…the sense of feeling nervous.  Feeling like we just can’t get everything done in our day.  Or perhaps we feel we are not doing things well enough.  Maybe for you it comes in waves like when your schedule is too busy.  In many situations, you can call it by any name you want…but anxiety can hit us all.

The same goes for feeling a bit down, you know the feeling, like when you just DO NOT feel like doing the shopping or a certain task.  We all have days like this.  Feeling a bit down or depressed happens to us all.

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