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As the Account and Project Manager at The Search Guru, Jodi Nicolli oversees mid to large to Fortune 500 SEM (Search Engine Marketing) accounts in both b2b and b2c and industries from retail to publishing to alternative lending.

Jodi has two decades of marketing, account/project management, sales, human resource leadership and branding experience. She has also been intimately involved in the development of two start-up companies providing her with an innovative and flexible business sense and broad knowledge base.

As the Account Manager Jodi is ultimately responsible for the successful delivery of services, working with cross-functional, multi-project team resources to ensure services are delivered on-time according to defined scope and timeline, while building positive professional relationships with clients and associates.

Her tenacity, paired with an out-of-the-box way of thinking, provides the groundwork for success. At The Search Guru, Jodi manages projects from start to finish, from the strategic scope to the daily details. She facilitates all client requests and communications with the appropriate team member to ensure the client’s voice and concerns are met. She provides leadership, support and ongoing guidance to members of the production team. Additionally, she prides herself in:

  • Serving as the conduit and internal champion for client initiatives
  • Providing the internal teams with appropriate insight into clients' strategic business initiatives
  • Developing and maintaining the understanding of marketplace dynamics and key players
  • Focusing on attending trainings and continuing to refine relevant knowledge, techniques and skills
  • Helping to set priorities within the team and company
  • Managing client and internal teams to ensure all project deliverable deadlines are met

Jodi is passionate about her clients and promotes high standards of professionalism, integrity and leadership throughout the life of projects, both within and outside the organization, appropriately representing the company’s business philosophies, protocols and standards

Jodi Nicolli
Jodi Nicolli Director
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